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School Lunch: A Nutritious Opportunity

by Mitzi Dulan, RD


The good news is school lunches are better than they used to be but ultimately your child is the one making the choices at lunchtime. While it is impossible to force your child to eat healthy, the focus should be on teaching your kids how to make healthy choices. Since I work with the professional teams in the area, I often try to emphasize the importance of how they have to eat healthy for good energy and performance to play football or baseball. I have found that many kids are more interested in making better choices when they understand that it helps them to improve energy, grow big and strong, and play better if they participate in sports.

Tips for Encouraging You Child to Make Healthier Choices: 

-Discuss foods like chips, soda, candy bars, ice cream and find out how often they are eating t

-Review the cafeteria menu with your child. Ask your child which foods/meals he or she likes the most. Suggest some of the healthier choices but also let your child know that it is okay to enjoy an unhealthy option on occasion.

Tips for Packing Your Kids Lunch:

-Pack a bottled water or milk (low-fat white or chocolate) to drink

-Try whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter (other nut butters like almond or cashew are also good), jelly

-Whole wheat English muffin with ham or turkey

-Edamame (soybeans) some local grocery stores offer these in individual packages which pack great

-Applesauce (in individual containers)

-Whole wheat crackers

-Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, berries)

-Dried fruit and nuts (consider buying dried cranberries and raw Almonds from Costco and mix yourself)

-Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold (use a cold pack if packing a deli-meat sandwich, yogurt or other foods that need refrigeration).

-Wash out lunch boxes daily or pack in a brown paper bag which can be discarded


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