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"Fuel Like a Champion will give athletes, parent and coaches both the practical and cutting-edge nutrition information young athletes need to perform their best. Just like a high performance race car uses the best fuel available, you must eat well to reach your full potential as an athlete".

Tony Gonzalez
All Pro
Nine-time NFL Pro Bowl Tight End
Kansas City Chiefs

"As a professional athlete, I need to be lean and have enough energy to perform at the highest level possible. Mitzi Dulan not only helped me to cut body fat but also allowed me to perform at a level I never knew existed. Mitzi's knowledge can help you look and feel better! As a nutritionist and dietitian, Mitzi is in a league of her own!"

Mike Sweeney
Five-time MLB All-Star
Kansas City Royals

"As a professional football player heading into my 14th season in the NFL, I understand there are many important components to maintain an optimal training regimen so I can perform my best on game day. Since working with Mitzi Dulan over the past four years, I have learned that nutrition is a key component for me to have the highest level of strength, stamina and energy. Mitzi has done a tremendous job in providing me with the necessary tools and information to help me to use nutrition as a competitive advantage and reach my full potential as a professional athlete. Mitzi can help you perform at the top of your game!"

Tony Richardson
Two-time NFL Pro Bowl Selection
Minnesota Vikings

"Fuel Like a Champion is an outstanding and informative DVD for athletes of any age and any sport. Fuel Like a Champion is a great educational tool that strength coaches and trainers should show to all their athletes. Mitzi does a great job of explaining several issues than many male and female athletes go through on a daily basis."

Andy Kettler
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Former Head Strength Coach-Kansas City Royals

"One of the most essential components of fitness that athletes must take advantage of is the importance of a healthy diet and proper hydration. Nutrition is a key factor in maximizing physical development and is a crucial part of a strength and conditioning program. It is imperative to understand that balanced nutrition can both optimize athletic performance and allow people to live a healthy life."

Jon Torine
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Indianapolis Colts

"Understanding performance nutrition is absolutely crucial for my athletes to perform at their best. When they're giving all they've got on the water, training isn't the only thing that will keep them ahead of their competition--it's also how they've fueled and hydrated their bodies. The information Dr. Chris Mohr has provided with me and team is second to none--he has the amazing ability to make the most complex physiology and nutrition details into useable, sensible recommendations, loaded with simple take home points that can mean the difference between winning and losing."

Laura Fogt
University of Louisville Head Rowing Coach

"Mitzi has played a significant role in educating our players in the importance of performance nutrition and how it affects them both on and off the court."

Mark Grabow
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Golden State Warriors
"I have been working at training and developing young athletes for the past 12 years, and I can tell you without pause or hesitation that the two factors most responsible for a young athletes success are:

a. Coaching
b. Nutrition

And ironically, those are the two variables that most parents, coaches and trainers ignore!

To me, there exists no one in the world more qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to the nutritional needs for young athletes than Dr. Chris Mohr. His suggestions are concise, easy to implement and yet terribly effective. I trust the success of my own athletes with the nutritional direction provided by Chris, and I suggest you do the same."

Brian Grasso
CEO - International Youth Conditioning Association

"Dr. Chris Mohr is an excellent teacher and motivator. His knowledge and expertise has helped my elite athletes performance improve and he has inspired my non-athlete patients to make major healthy life style changes to reach their potential and beyond."

Pierre Rouzier, MD
Team Physician, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"As a youth football coach, many parents and even players ask me about the best foods and drinks to improve performance. I don't pretend to be a nutrition expert, but I wanted to give my athletes the best information available-I came across the "Fuel Like a Champion" DVD and was impressed by the experience of both contributors, so I thought I would give it a try. And all I can say is WOW-thank you both so much for providing this amazing tool for parents, coaches, and players!  Not only did I learn a ton, but I was very confident in recommending this to every parent and athlete on the team as well."

John Rifenberg
Head Coach, Youth Football, Orlando, FL
I have greatly benefited from Mitzi Dulan's knowledge of sports nutrition.  Her meal plans have allowed me to gain the exact amount of weight and muscle mass to improve my sports performance.

Division I Quarterback
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